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Landlord Services

Landlord Services are the roots of our start as an architecture firm. In our over 35 years of experience, we have completed well over 1,000 projects for international commercial real estate firms. The scopes of work involved in these many projects have been extremely diverse, and include:

  • Corporate/Office renovations for various multi-tenant buildings

  • Industrial projects such as: manufacturing plants, environmental and biological laboratories, food preparation commissaries, high pile storage, bulk storage and hazmat storage facilities

  • Retail projects such as: clothing stores, restaurants, veterinarian clinics, medical offices, dental offices and a general wide array of retail establishments.

The PDG team provides a wide variety of services as diverse as the projects themselves. These services have included: site analysis, site planning, facility analysis, facility condition assessment, code compliance reviews, accessibility reviews and reports, space planning, schematic and interior design and construction documentation.

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