Satellite Center

University of Houston

Houston, Texas

The University Center Satellite Student Center is sited in an open-space park surrounded by university buildings. 'The Satellite' is a popular haunt for student activities on the east campus. The 35,000-square foot building was constructed below-grade to maintain the park-like setting important to the University campus plan.

PDG Architects was asked to provide a design for the renovation of the existing areas and add much needed meeting areas. A well-identified building perimeter dictated an "open plan" design tying activity areas and venues through a common area of pathways, tables and chairs. Careful coordination with the food court vendor/managers allowed for common design elements such as similar column treatments, floor finish and lighting fixtures to provide a blended, unified appearance of the Satellite.

A survey taken in 2009 gave this facility a 94% approval rating from the students attending the University.

10000 RICHMOND AVE | SUITE 100 | HOUSTON, TX 77042


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