The Mansions at Turkey Creek

Houston, Texas

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, PDG has been assisting the Houston Housing Authority (HHA) on numerous projects ranging from initial conditions assessments to construction administration. Many HHA properties suffered damage from water infiltration, either through rising water or through failures in the building envelope, including roofing and exterior openings. PDG dispatched multiple teams to conduct detailed facility assessments that included cataloging existing conditions to form a basis from which an action plan could be formulated to bring the properties to a habitable state.

The Mansions at Turkey Creek is a multifamily housing complex with three story apartment buildings, located along Turkey Creek in North Houston. Units on the first floor of the apartments were inundated with flood waters during Hurricane Harvey. PDG performed a conditions assessment for HHA and developed construction documents for a quick rebuild that would allow the dislocated families to return to the complex.

10000 RICHMOND AVE | SUITE 100 | HOUSTON, TX 77042


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