Houston, Texas

This project includes an 82,000-square foot tilt-wall building addition to an existing warehouse. The new addition consists of 77,000 square feet of high-pile storage and 5,000 square feet of office space.

Providing the maximum square footage possible per buildable area posed a challenge. Code tables would have limited square footage to 52,500; however, using code analysis, we were able to attain City of Houston permit approval and build 82,490 square feet of high hazard storage. PDG collaborated with consultants and a fire protection engineer to research and meet with City officials to push the envelope of what would be allowed.

PDG Architects’ “Eyes On” Construction Administration allowed the facility to be altered for the client without compromising the original permit and in a timely fashion.

10000 RICHMOND AVE | SUITE 100 | HOUSTON, TX 77042


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