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USPS Bear Creek Branch

Houston, Texas

Bear Creek Branch
Bear Creek Branch
Bear Creek Branch

As a result of the ravages caused by Hurricane Harvey on the Houston area, the Bear Creek Branch facility was inundated with approximately 18 inches of water as the Addicks Reservoir backed up into the neighborhood. PDG was tasked with working concurrently with an USPS Job Order Contractor (JOC) to clean out the facility, demolish damaged materials, restore the facility, and make improvements to site appurtenances. As part of the restoration effort, an upgrade to current USPS standard facility finishes, casework and signage, where feasible, was included in the project scope. The overall improvement of the aesthetics of the facility was also important. However, the primary goal was getting USPS operations back up and functioning in the facility as soon as possible.


PDG performed design for the layout of the full service lobby, box and self-service lobby casework and self service kiosks (SSK), signage, and public lobby ceilings and lighting. Workroom, employee restrooms, lockers and break rooms were also part of the scope. Building envelope work was also included in the form of partial roof replacement, new clerestory windows and lobby window glazing replacement. In addition, the project scope included complete mold remediation and rebuild due to inundation of the floodwaters.


The entire project scope was completed in a little over two months.

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