Health Professions Building

Lonestar College

Houston, Texas

PDG Architects was contracted to design and construct the new Health Professions Building near the Northwest Medical Center in Houston, Texas. Prior to commencing the design, the Lone Star College system chose to purchase two nearby, multi-tenant buildings. PDG was asked to provide architectural services for the renovation of one of the buildings, a 48,000-square foot, two-story structure, to meet the needs of the Health Professions Programs.

Our project began with the programmatic phase coupled with an in-depth building condition analysis. Spatial data indicated that the overall need exceeded the 48,000-square feet available, and the architects decided to create a faculty suite of approx. 6,500-square feet in the adjacent building. With a limited budget, PDG’s design created spaces for students to gather, study and group before and after classes. A creative use of color, texture and materials were selected to provide the students with a fresh, upbeat environment that is reflective of current trends in the design of medical interiors. The renovation of this building includes the demolition of all interior space back to shell.

10000 RICHMOND AVE | SUITE 100 | HOUSTON, TX 77042


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