Creating retail banking locations where customers want to do business.



Savings of America, formerly one of the largest savings and loan associations in the U.S., became a client of PDG Architects in the mid -1980s and this relationship continued untill the association was acquired by Washington Mutual in 1998.

PDG Architects completed more than 50 projects for Savings of America in the first 10 years of our partnership, in excess of that number with Washington Mutual.

Throughout these 20 plus years and the changing of hands,  a commitment to accessible, friendly banking facilities has remained constant and PDG Architects has been proud to be a partner in this mission. Banking facilites completed by PDG have been sited in a wide variety of retail locations posing diverse challenges. PDG’s services in the banking sector include site analysis for new construction, existing facility condition assessments, renovations to existing locations, site adaptation of prototype designs, and new facility design.

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