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St. Mary's Coptic Church

St. Mary's
This 30,000 SF ground-up multi-purpose facility contains a large dining hall, full service kitchen, gymnasium, locker rooms and bunk rooms designed to meet the specific needs of the church membership.  The project involved looking carefully at the church’s very tight site, as well as the additional parking required by the new building, and recommending alternative designs for consideration.

In addition to this project, the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Southern United States has commissioned PDG Architects to create Master Plans for a proposed retreat facility in the Florida panhandle, the St. Raphael church in Houston, and a 92 acre site for the St. Mary and St. Moses Monastery located on Lake Corpus Christi in south Texas.  All projects will involve future phases in which PDG will design various buildings for residential, recreational, operational, and liturgical uses.
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