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Renovation/Alteration projects form the backbone of PDG Architects’ work each year.  The firm has completed thousands of renovation/alteration/addition projects with nearly 80% of this business gained from existing clientele. While many see architecture as principally the design of ground-up buildings, PDG began its practice centered on the technical aspects of the built environment and specifically on the renovation of existing buildings for the purpose of securing their use well into the future.

Renovation and Alteration adds an additional complexity in the design process as it must progress within an existing structure.  A clear understanding of the functional, technical, and aesthetic limitations and attributes of the building to be renovated serves as a basis for the effective evaluation of the appropriateness of the various design solutions.

Whether the renovation is motivated by a change in use, by deterioration due to age, the failure of a building system/material or a simple desire to improve the aesthetics and function of a building, the PDG team is well practiced in defining and solving the many complex issues inherent in renovation/alteration projects. 

Since many renovation/alteration projects involve properties that are in use, the construction phase of many of PDG’s projects has been completed while the building remained open, operational and occupied. Our team understands the management of issues such as dust, falling debris, noise and vibration, access to clean areas, fumes and the need to provide on-going climate control and the use of all base building systems throughout the renovation process. Our team regularly develops phasing schedules for construction work aimed at minimizing disruption and downtime while ensuring the safety of all involved.
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