Blending the aesthetic with the pragmatic for a complete solution.


Interior design for large commercial and office facilities requires an artful blend of the aesthetic with the useful. 

World-class organizations desire visually impressive spaces that convey their values and their corporate promise, while their operational needs require design along with technical expertise and fierce attention to detail. 

PDG Architects excels in commercial/office interior design precisely because we encompass this full spectrum of services from creative design and exhaustive programming to rigorous test-fitting and continual oversight. 

The interior design process at PDG Architects features Availability (we stay close and guide clients through the entire process) and Anticipation (we design with a view of future needs for our client and for the space). 

Whether a project is measured in the thousands or the hundreds of thousands of square feet, PDG Architects has the talent and resources to custom tailor a design solution to exceed the expectations of the most exacting client. 


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