A Process of Design from Imagination to Constructability.

At PDG, Design is a flexible and malleable process. Every new project is unique, each has its own challenges and opportunities, but, more importantly, each has a level of design to which it naturally aspires. Our goal is to bring the appropriate design effort to the project at hand, but also to consider the possibilities for good design in even the simplest of projects. By challenging expectations and seeking out opportunities for design in each project, we hope to bring out the best, most effective solutions.

Our design process unfolds as a true investigation of possibilities. We begin by looking at the macro environment of the site, which includes the region in which the project is located, considering all aspects of geography, infrastructure and access, and drilling all the way down to the design of the micro environment of the needs assessments, programming and functional requirements. During this process, there is regular and significant interaction with our client, a key member of the design team. Design, at PDG is an open process in which all aspects are viewed and critiqued by our staff. By using this concept, the design is subject to a multitude of opinions, which often uncovers interesting possibilities not considered by the primary Design team. Finally, in following a true team approach to Project Delivery, our designated project team is involved in all stages of the project. 

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