Many of PDG’s senior staff members began their careers in the construction industry and this experience has given our team special insight into the practical aspects of a project that is well beyond the traditional role of the architect. 

Because of this experience, many of our institutional clients have asked PDG to perform Construction Administration services in support of  and along with their inhouse staff. Our role has also been expanded to include the development of Independent Government Estimates (IGE) for work to be completed on projects for the federal government. The combination of these two valuable components of a project; knowledge of the construction industry and experience with the estimating process, strengthens our ability to perform under the traditional design/bid/build format and also makes the PDG team a natural for the CM@Risk and/or Design/Build Delivery Methods of Construction.

PDG has been involved in both the Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP) and Design/Build formats since our inception in 1982. Our CM@Risk experience largely began in the early 1990's and has continued to grow in recent years.

Regardless of the delivery method utilized, our success is built upon strong technical construction knowledge and our long held practice of considering the construction contractor to be a valuable member of our team – a partner in the successful completion of a project, to work with, not against. This spirit of cooperation, respect for ability and recognition of each team member’s contribution to the ultimate success of the project has enabled PDG Architects to continue to grow and meet the challenges of today’s ever evolving project delivery methodology.  

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