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Construction is among the most intense and complex of activities and staying on top of it requires knowledge and skills that are not available to every company that is trying to get something built. When our clients need to pass the day-to-day, hands-on management and oversight of construction into other capable hands, PDG Architects has the qualified professionals to help.

Representing the interests of our client, PDG Architects acts as the owner's principal agent in the management and investigation of construction projects of all types and sizes.  PDG's responsibility in this role includes managing of planning, design, construction and post-construction phases.  PDG's professionals assist with a complete review of project documentation, on-site project management, continual monitoring of the work, project scheduling, on-going interaction with the constructor and sub-consultants, project cost and pay application review and compliance, and if needed, dispute resolution.  This process allows PDG Architects to provide an invaluable service that results in the optimum design and construction quality available.
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