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Pat Neff Elementary School

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PDG Architects was contracted by HISD as the Prime Contractor to provide architectural and engineering services for the design of the Pat Neff Elemantary School. PDG performed 100% of the associated architectural and interior design services related to this project. PDG also assisted the owner in pre-solicitation activities and will continue to do so until issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. This project is in the finaly stages of the construction phase at this time, however our team has enjoyed collaboration throughout the project with the constructor: Spaw Glass. As a team, we have been able to address phasing of the project, cost estimating as a part of the design process and a coordinated effort through the sharing of BIM documentation to solve issues prior to the commensement of construction activities.

Located on the grounds of existing Sharpstown Middle School, this new school was planned to be a unique, hybrid facility intended for grades 4 - 6 a new concept for HISD. Our design staff worked closely with HISD to define the needs and develop schematic design for a 86,000 SF ground-up educational facility to serve 750 students. The resultant design, developed with BIM Revit was nearing final approval when the District began to reconsider the best manner in which to serve the area. The District considered the possibility of incorporating an “International School” within the existing Sharpstown Middle School campus, a concept that would require the redesign of the Neff School into a school for grades 2 -5. The design has now been completed and
construction is nearing completion. The ultimate end-use of the Sharpstown Middle School was to be a design for an International School renovated to serve grades 6 - 12. PDG has submitted plans to the City of Houston for approval for this renovation project as well.

Design considerations for the Pat Neff Elementary School included the goal of LEED® certification as a minimum requirement, however the design is aimed at LEED® Silver. The scope of work includes the design of the site to include parking, retention areas, bio-swales, landscaping, sidewalks, a canopy and student drop-off area. Facility design features a dual purpose student dining and performing arts area with ancillary performing arts stage and additional seating. As the Prime Architectural Firm on this project our team is completing 100% of the LEED architectural design and credit documentation.

Though completed utilizing Design/Build processes, the documentation for this project was developed fully utilizing BIM Revit to a level beyond that of typical bridging documents to fully documented A&E plans and specifications. PDG Architects has, however developed bridging documents on past projects for many of our public and private sector clients to be utilized in the design/build projects. 

The use of Revit and it’s associated clash detection features/reports on this project enabled the team to identify coordination issues, resolve conflicts and produce a more efficient design with less need for adjustment during the construction phase of the project. The use of BIM also proved to be a valuable tool for the constructor to produce cost estimates and material take - offs for each element of the project.



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